Candidate Profile


  • Experience: 10+ years of pastoral and ministerial leadership with at least 6 years in a large church, including regular preaching duties

  • Education: A relevant Doctorate (Ph.D. preferred) and a Masters Degree from an evangelical seminary with strong command of biblical languages

  • Visionary, motivating, prayerful and humble servant leader

  • Insightful and caring manager

  • Able to nurture an environment of widespread and deep discipleship

  • Deep love for people, especially for serving the vulnerable and reaching the lost

  • Actively engages with diverse perspectives while holding strongly to orthodoxy, including inerrancy of scripture

  • Possess the qualifications of an Elder according to 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1

Preaching & Teaching

  • Expositorily proclaim the Word of God that engages and challenges the life and intellect of a diverse congregation and culture

  • Teach with humility and a deep knowledge of all of the Scriptures that reflects an understanding and practice of Reformed theology

Leadership & Management

  • As a member of the Board of Elders, lead the development of a vision for PSC for future ministry through the congregation to Boston, the nation and the world

  • Effectively lead, mentor, develop, empower and support the church staff in collaborative ministry

  • Recommend modifications, as appropriate, of the ministerial roles within the church, including the Senior Minister, to the Board of Elders in order to enhance the impact of PSC in doing God’s work

  • Leverage technology for effective and innovative ministry

  • Explore new ways to communicate and connect within and outside Park Street Church

Pastoral Duties

  • Connect with and pray for our culturally and generationally diverse congregation
  • Lead the Congregation in Worship and spiritual formation